Phone Tree Setup

What is a phone tree?

An automated attendant that allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator/receptionist.

The ShowingHero number provided can be used on third-party websites for marketing. Prospects call on that number, follow the prompts, and request a link to schedule a showing.

You need to ensure when you are setting up the phone tree, it should be direct forward/transferred, where the original phone number is passed through. Settings have to be enabled giving you an option on the phone tree that allows the original phone number to pass through and receive SMS/text messages, not the receiving phone number.

Please check your call forwarding setting, to make sure that it's set up the direct forwarding/transfer or the original caller id number is passed through.

You may also download the PDF for a handy guide > Phone-Tree-Setup.pdf

If you have any doubts or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at; will be a pleasure to answer all your questions.