Manage Prospects Page

The Manage Prospects page shows the list of prospects who must have shown interest in the property(ies) of the company within the date range provided in the date filters. The date on which the prospect is registered in ShowingHero can be different from the date on which the prospect has shown interest in the property. Example: Suppose a prospect was registered in ShowingHero on the date 02/23/2023 but did not schedule any showing for any property or did not apply for any property or did not do any inquiry via Phone IVR or via filling up the contact us form on third-party websites or did not contact a particular property agent from the property page or did not fill up the Wait List form for a particular property then 02/23/2023 will not be considered as the date on which interest is shown. If the prospect does any of the above-mentioned actions on 02/24/2023, then it will be considered as the interest shown date. So, if the start date is 02/25/2023 and the end date is 03/10/2023, then this particular prospect will not be taken into consideration as the interest shown is outside the date range selected. But if the start date is changed to 02/23/2023, then this prospect will be considered.


  1. Records can be filtered on the basis of a date range which can be selected from the Start Date and End Date. By default, the report is shown for a period of one month starting from one month prior to the current date.
  2. Search by text box is a free-flow field where you can type in a prospect's name or email address or phone number or prospect source. It will filter the records based on the provided value. You are not required to provide the complete value of the above-mentioned fields. You can even provide a part of the value, and it will filter out the records accordingly.
  3. Filter by Property Address drop-down can be used to select if you want to see the report for a particular property. This drop-down only has the properties which are available on the market. If you do not select any property from the drop-down, then the report is displayed for all the properties which are available on the market.

The data is presented in Tabular Representation. There are different columns shown on the page representing the data as mentioned by the column header label. Please find below the description of every data column displayed on the page:

Name: This column displays the full name of the prospect.

Email: This column displays the email address of the prospect.

Phone Number: This column displays the phone/contact number of the prospect.

Prospect Source: This column displays the source from which the prospect was registered in ShowingHero.

Date & Time Created: This column displays the date and time when the prospect was registered in ShowingHero.

You can add a new prospect by pressing the Add Prospect button.

You can view the Additional Prospects by pressing the corresponding button. These are those prospects who have shown interest in the property of the company which either does not exist in the system or is not available on the market. This also includes the prospects who have shown interest in the property address which has a mismatch with the property address of the company.

You can Export the data shown in the tabular format to a CSV file by pressing the Export Prospects button.

Please note that the data shown on the Manage Prospects page might not match the data shown on Property Report, Prospect Report, Agent Showings page, Self Tours page, and Completed Showings page. It is because all these displays data on the basis of different date values. We have created separate articles for all these pages. Please refer to those articles for more details.

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