Default Self-Tour Setting

The Default Self-Tour Setting feature on the Account Settings page enables property managers to define self-tour settings for all properties that will be imported into ShowingHero.

One of the main benefits of this update is the ability to streamline the process of setting up self-tours for properties. Instead of manually applying settings to each property, users can now enable the Default Self-Tour Setting on the Account Settings page and have the default settings automatically applied to newly imported properties.

However, it's important to note that certain settings, such as the Serial Number, Lockbox Location, and Advance Geo-Fencing, will not be reflected on the Account Setting page. These settings will need to be changed by the property manager/agent themselves on the Manage Property page under Self-Tour Settings.

Additionally, until the Serial Number and Lockbox Location are added under Self-Tour Settings on the Manage Property page, the self-tour option will not be available on the property page.

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Client Success Team