Wait List Feature

This feature of ShowingHero enables the prospects to fill out a Wait List form in case there is no showtime available for a property.

If you enable Wait List setting on the Account Settings page, then whenever a new property is imported in ShowingHero, the Wait List setting will be enabled for that property and, the email address(es) provided corresponding to the Show Prospect Fields field under Wait List on Account Settings page will be copied for the property.

The Wait List setting on the Account Settings page is a universal setting i.e., it is applicable for all the properties, but this can be overwritten for a specific property by enabling or disabling the Wait List Form under Other Settings on the Manage Property page.

This feature will be set up for every property imported over the ShowingHero system and can be managed at the Manage Property page by Property Managers or Agents with Administrative access only.

In order to display the Wait List form to the prospects on the property page, some criteria must be accomplished, or, it will not display. Please review the criteria below:

  1. There should be no showtimes available for Self-Tour on property i.e., on the Manage property page, Enable Self-Tour must be No.
  2. There should be no showtimes available for proposing on property i.e., on the Manage property page, Enable Proposed Showtime must be No.
  3. One of the following conditions shall be true for agent showings:
    • Disable Agent Showings is set as Yes under the Other Settings section on the Manage Property page.
    • Or no agent showtimes should be available i.e., the property is not added to any Mini Calendar. This means that if a property is not added to any mini calendar, even though Disable Agent Showing is set as No, it will display the Wait List Form on the property page.

To enable/disable the Wait List Form feature for a property, please follow the following steps:

Go to Properties > Edit > Other Settings > Enable Wait List Form question, select Yes, and provide the email address(es) of agent(s) that will receive an email notification when the Wait List Form is filled by a prospect. You may enter multiple addresses separated by commas, and click Save, to conserve all the updates that you have made. To disable this feature, just follow the same steps above and click No, and Save.

To review any updates you can select Preview on the View Property Details page and it will drive you over to the property page.


Important note: If all the above criteria are met or Enable Wait List Form is set as No, then the below message will appear on the property page.

"We apologize, there are no showtimes available for this property. Please contact the property management company above to schedule your property tour."


If you have any doubts or concerns do not hesitate to email us at clientsuccess@showinghero.com, will be a pleasure to answer all your questions.