Disable Get Code Feature

ShowingHero has introduced a feature to prevent scams in the process of scheduling self-tour showings. This feature is designed to improve security and reduce the likelihood of fraud. By disabling the ability for prospects to obtain lockbox codes through the platform, property managers can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the codes.

This feature can only be enabled by property managers. To enable it, property managers need to log into their account, go to Settings > Account Settings, scroll down to the General Settings, click on "Yes" corresponding to "Disable Get Code," and save the settings.

If this feature is enabled, when a prospect requests a code while on a property, instead of receiving the lockbox code, they will receive a text message directing them to call a specified phone number (the agent's phone number is assigned to the showing).

Once the prospect reaches out to the agent, the agent can verify the prospect's details and provide them with a code. To provide the code, go to Reports > View Lockboxes, search for the property or the serial number, and click on "Request a Code." It's important to note that only property managers and agents with administrator privileges can view the Reports section and provide codes to prospects.

To ensure maximum security, ShowingHero suggests having a video call with the prospect to confirm that they are at the property in front of the lockbox before providing the code.

Overall, the "Disable Get Code" feature is a step in securing the process of scheduling showings and protecting property managers from potential fraud. It allows property managers to have more control over access to their properties and to make sure that only authorized individuals are given codes to access the properties.

If you have any doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to email us at clientsuccess@showinghero.com. It will be a pleasure to answer all your questions.

Regards, Client Success Team