The Authorities of the Property Manager, Admin Agent, and Non-Admin Agents are as follows:

Property Manager, Admin agent, and non-admin agents have different authorities:

Property Manager: The PM has full access to the system, including account settings, but cannot make changes to them. They have complete access to the rest of the system.

Admin Agent: All properties are assigned to these agents. They can access the system except for account settings and billing modules.

Non-Admin agent: These agents have limited authority. They can only view the properties assigned to them under "View and Manage Properties," and cannot import or add properties manually. They cannot edit properties, nor can they request a code from the system under "Reports > View Lockboxes." The modules they have access to include:

Showings > Agent showing > Proposed Showings > Lockbox showings > Completed showings > Add manual showings

Settings > Screening questions > Feedback questions

Properties (only those assigned to them)


Schedule > Create Mini Calendar > View mini calendar

Communication > Email templates

Q. For Non-Admin Agents under Showings > Agent/Proposed/Lockbox/Completed/Manual, can they view only their showings/properties or the entire team's?

Under Showings > Agent Showing - agents can only view their own showings and properties.

Proposed showing - They can only view their own showings and properties.

Lockbox showings - They can view the entire team.

Completed showings - They can view the entire team.

Add manual showings - Agents can only add manual showings for properties assigned to them.

For the Mini-calendar, they can only view their own calendar.

For Communication - Any changes made will only impact their own account.

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