Third-party agents or MLS agents can access and view properties using ShowingHero.

MLS Agent access allows external agents to access the property. ShowingHero provides access to MLS agents for clients upon request. This option can be enabled from Settings > Account settings by scrolling down and clicking "yes" and then save the settings. Once access is provided, the option of the MLS agent link can be accessed by searching for the property's address and clicking the "View More" link. This will take them to the property's page, where they can click on the MLS agent link at the top.

To access the property, the MLS agent can click on the MLS link button, copy the link, open it in another browser or incognito window, and fill in the details, including Name, Email, Phone Number, Agent ID, Date of Showing, and Time of Showing. After filling in the details, they can click on "Send Request," and an MLS agent is created. These agents can be viewed under "Settings > MLS agent portal."

How can an MLS Agent access a property?

  1. Start by locating the Codebox on the premises.
  2. Find the serial number on the Codebox, which is usually located on the front and back of the box. The serial number is 8 digits long and usually begins with either 10 or 20.
  3. Text the serial number to the client's Showing Hero number. Please note that the MLS agent can only use their registered cell phones to gain access to the property.
  4. The agent will receive a code via the phone number and email address associated with the account.

MLS agent scenarios:

  1. MLS agents can register for multiple properties of the same client with the same set of details. However, they need to register themselves every time for a particular property.
  2. They can register for multiple clients at the same time with the same set of details.
  3. If the agent is deactivated, they won't be able to register for any other property of the same client with the same set of details. They will receive an error stating, "Your Account Is Deactivated. Please Contact Property Manager" if they click on the "Send Request" button.
  4. If an MLS agent is deactivated and requests a code, they won't receive the code. Instead, they will receive a text stating, "Hello agent name, We are unable to issue any codes to you at this time. Please contact the property manager to restore your access."

MLS agents do not receive a link to unsubscribe, but they can unsubscribe via text by typing STOP. By doing this, they won't be able to request a code. They can again respond with "Unstop" or "resume" to regain access and request a code.

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